Our Approach to Technical Assistance

Our technical assistance is centered around helping communities develop a strategic approach to program implementation, build capacity utilizing technical and adaptive approaches, and focus on long-term sustainability. The CHSD Technical Assistance process provides a logical progression of activi­ties to support communities in accomplishing their goals; focusing first on developing a strategic mindset, then building requisite skills and capacities, and integrating sustainability strategies.

Our Sustainability Framework© serves as a guide for supporting grantees.

Our Technical Assistance Plans Are Tailored to Your Needs

The primary purpose of the Technical Assistance Consultant is to continually assess, detect, and respond to changing needs in real-time based on regular communication with the grantee. Priority needs are reflected in individualized Technical Assistance Action Plans that describe the tailored support that is needed to help the grantee be successful. The Technical Assistance Consultant draws on the expertise of the entire CHSD Team, as well as a range of external specialty consultants, to respond to a grantee’s specific issues. Additionally, the CHSD Team views peer learning as an essential element of the Technical Assistance process. The Technical Assistance Consultant utilizes relationships with current and past grantees to make one-on-one peer connections or to unite small groups of grantees with similar interests. All of these efforts are designed to build your personal, organizational and collaborative capacities.