The bar chart is useful because the visual representation of the responses allows for easier interpretation of the results. You may need to remind group members with a background in statistics and research that this process is formative and, as such, does not require in-depth score analysis. Rather, the goal is to use the score summary as a tool for facilitating reflective dialogue with your team.


There are three perspectives to consider when reviewing the summary of scores.

1.      How consistent are the responses?

2.      What is the overall sense of performance?

3.      What is the sense of performance for each of the nine components?

Work with your team to answer each question. Following is a guide to help facilitate this discussion.

After completing the assessment and making sense of your results, your organization or collaborative should be better able to answer the question posed at the beginning of this section, “Are we positioned for sustainability?”   Hopefully, the formative assessment process and tools have helped you focus more intently on the key capacities and strengths associated with long-term viability, reflect on your current performance, and engage in strategic conversations with your partners.  You can also use the results as a benchmark for your continued progress.


 The final section of this guide can help you improve your potential for sustainability through strategic action.