This program provides support for the Rural Quality Program and is to support planning and implementation of quality improvement activities for rural primary care providers or providers of health care services, such as a critical access hospital or a rural health clinic, serving rural residents.


03/24/2022    Data Visualization  Slides  |  Recording  |  Resource

12/15/2021     Planning for Sustainability  Slides  |  Recording  |  Sustainability Plan Template

09/15/2021     Project Director Orientation & Refresher Training  Slides  |  Recording (passcode:  t5ud3L$n)

3/11/2021     Telehealth Policy Update & Opportunities:  A National & State Perspective           Slides | Recording

12/16/2020    Positioning for the Future: Conducting a Sustainability Formative Assessment  Slides

07/21/2020     Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) Small Health Care Quality Improvement Program webinar on

Frameworks for Success: Achieving Value Based Care through Rural Population Health”     Slides 

Additional Resources:  1. Fishbone Template | 2. Logic Model Worksheet_BH Sample

07/14/2020    HRSA Rural Quality Program Performance Improvement MeasurementSystem (PIMS) Reporting Webinar     Slides 

Additional Resources: Data Dashboard Deliverable FAQs 2020 | Compiled Adobe Chat Q&A – HRSA PIMS Webinar | PIMS Reporting Office Hours Schedule

 12/17/2019     Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) Small Health Care Quality Improvement Program webinar on “Rural Quality Program Data – Effective Measurement Practices, Tools, & Requirements for Successful Performance Reporting”    Slides 

Additional Resources:  1. Final 2019 2022 Quality Program PIMS Measures | 2. Rural Quality Program Measurement Plan and Tracking Tool | 3. Rural Quality Program Data Dashboard Reporting Requirement Instructions | 4. Economic Impact Analysis Tool Resource Guide | 5. Telehealth PIMS Measure Patient Travel Workbook

09/11/2019     FY19 Quality Program Kickoff Call and Welcome Webinar  Slides 

06/12/2019     Small Healthcare Provider Quality Grant Program Webinar: “Closing out your SHCPQI Grant”      Slides

02/07/2019  Getting Ready: Planning for the Sustainability of your Quality Improvement Initiative     Slides

Stratis Materials    ArCare Story | Slide Deck: Telling your Story | Worksheet: Telling your Story


Program Meetings

May 4 – 5, 2022          Integrating Care to Improve Quality and Value Post-Conference Materials

March 2 – 3, 2020      Small Health Care Provider Quality Improvement Program Partnership Meeting – Meeting Agenda (linked presentations and handouts)