This program provides support to promote rural health care services outreach projects utilizing evidence-based or promising practice models in order to address community-specific health concerns.


12/06/2022    Adaptive Leadership  Recording  |  Slides

09/15/2022    How to Build and Uphold WinWin Partnerships  Slides | Toolkit

04/28/2022    HRHI PIMS Measure Reporting  Recording  |  Slides

04/27/2022    Successful PIMS Reporting for your Outreach Grant:  How to Complete Annual Performance Reporting  Recording  |  Slides  

Additional Resources:  PIMS Reporting Office Hours Schedule  |  How to Apply the EIA Tool  |  Best Practices in Data Collection

12/01/2021    Office Hours: The Business Case for Addressing Social Determinants of Health in a Rural Primary Care Setting  Recording  |  Slides  |  Resource

9/30/2021     Best Practices in Community Assessment in Rural  Recording | Slides | Toolkit | Community Assessment Deliverable

9/28/2021     Igniting Long-Term Sustainability: A Focus on Strategic and Assessment Planning  Recording | Slides

Additional Resources:  Assessment Plan Deliverable Instructions & Template  |  Sustainability Framework

09/15/2021     Project Director Orientation & Refresher Training  Recording (passcode:  t5ud3L$n) | Slides 

6/10/2021     Rural Health Care Services Outreach Program Welcome Webinar  Recording | Slides

Additional Resources:  Technical Assistance Brochure  |  2021 Kickoff Slides

3/2021     Rural Health Care Services Outreach Program Grant Closeout Webinar Presentation  RecordingSlides

Additional Resources:  Final Assessment Template 2018-2021 Outreach Program  |  How to Apply the EIA Tool

12/9/2020     Adaptive Actions for Navigating Uncertainty   Slides | Adaptive Actions Activity

6/24/2020     Sustainability Miniseries: Session 3 Solidifying Resources: Cost Projections and Funding Strategies   Slides | Developing a Funding Plan

05/27/2020     Sustainability Mini Series: Session 2 – Setting Objective Criteria to Determine What to Sustain    Slides

Additional Resources:  2020 Outreach Sustainability Plan Template | 2020 Outreach Sustainability Planning Workbook | 2020 Outreach Sustainability Plan Worksheet

04/07/2020     Sustainability Mini Series: Session 1 – Getting Ready for the Planning Process   Slides

Additional Resources:  Gathering and Organizing Your Data – Quick Course | Sustainability Plan Template

09/25/2018     Igniting Long-term Sustainability: A Focus on Strategic and Assessment Planning   Slides

Additional Resources:  Outreach Grant Assessment Plan Template | Outreach Program Strategic Plan Template | Sustainability Framework

06/27/2018     Rural Health Care Services Outreach Program Webinar  Slides

Program Meetings

06/22/2022 Rural Health Care Service Outreach Program – 2022 Grantee Meeting: Building Bridges for Health Rural Communities through Innovation and Collaboration | Post-Conference Guide

01/16/2020     Federal Office of Rural Health Policy’s Rural Partnership Development Meeting (Technical Assistance Workshops)

        1. Assessing Readiness for Community Transformation Towards a Culture of Health
        2. Tools and Tips for Success with Motivational Interviewing
        3. Motivational Interviewing Case Study

01/15/2020     Federal Office of Rural Health Policy’s Rural Partnership Development Meeting (Outreach Program Session), Preparing for Sustainability

        1. Preparing for Sustainability Planning
        2. The DNA of Sustainability Handout
        3. Sustainability Framework
        4. The Formative Assessment Quick Course
        5. The Formative Assessment Tool
        6. Formative Assessment Action Plan Template
        7. Sustainability Plan Template