09/08/2023  Workplace Culture From Burnout to Joy Session 2:  Acting on Your Learning   Recording  |  Slides 

Additional Resources:

        1. Acting on Your Learning 30-30 form
        2. Workforce Development Resource Guide

08/04/2023  Workplace Culture From Burnout to Joy – Session 1:  Understanding your Workplace Culture   Recording  |  Slides  |  Resource Guide

06/07/2023  Session 2:  Tell your Story Well — Communicating Data for Success and Sustainability  Recording | Slides 

Additional Resources:

        1. Data Resources
        2. Data Strategy Map
        3. Data-Driven Impact Story Worksheet

04/19/2023  Engaging Philanthropic Organizations to Improve Rural Health  Recording

Additional Resources:

        1. Rural Health Philanthropy Toolkit from RHIHub
        2. Investing in Rural Prosperity, Federal Reserve Bank of St Louis
        3. Rural America: Philanthropy’s Misunderstood Opportunity for Impact, FSG
        4. Why Philanthropy Continues to Underfund Rural America, Martha Ramirez

12/14/2022  Making the Business Case for Social Determinants of Health  Slides  |  Recording 

Additional Resources:

        1. SDOH Business Case Value Lens   
        2. Business Case Calculator 

09/07/2022  Year 2 Performance Improvement Measurement System (PIMS) Web-blast  Slides | Recording

07/19/2022  Process Mapping for Partner Engagement  Slides  |  Recording  |  Handout

02/23/2022  Positioning for the Future: Conducting a Sustainability Formative Assessment  Slides  |  Recording

Additional Resources:

        1. FORHP Sustainability Formative Assessment Template
        2. The Sustainability Formative Assessment Quick Course
        3. Partner invitation letter template and assessment survey link

12/14/2021  Positioning your Care Coordination Initiative for Sustainability  Slides  |  Recording

09/16/2021  50 Shades of Interoperability: What Every Healthcare Stakeholder Should Know    Slides  |  Recording  |  Handout

12/17/2020  Laying the Groundwork: Building Data Practices and Capacity to Support and Sustain Your Care Coordination Initiative    Slides 

10/21/2020  Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) Rural Health Care Coordination Program webinar    Slides  | Baseline PIMS Report