GHPC’s approach to technical assistance is fundamentally grantee-centered.  The GHPC Technical Assistance Program is guided by a set of principles that have been developed through our work with communities across the county. We believe that communities benefit most from technical assistance support that is:

GHPC believes that the most effective technical assistance is provided by people who are in an ongoing relationship with the communities they serve.
Systematic, yet flexible
While recognizing the need for an efficient, systematic process for simultaneously serving the collective needs of hundreds of grantees across the country, GHPC believes that the process must be applied flexibly and tailored to address the dynamic needs of individual grantees.
Technical and adaptive
GHPC believes that community-based interventions to improve health and change systems require both technical and adaptive support, particularly early in the process of coalition development and program implementation.
GHPC uses a systems perspective to understand the conditions which influence the impact and effectiveness of technical assistance and has developed a program theory which describes the logic underlying our approach.
Based on a synthesis of what we have learned in the field and from the literature, GHPC has developed a “Sustainability Framework”© that unifies and provides the logic for much of our community-based work. 
Centered on continuous learning and improvement
Our technical assistance and training approach has evolved over the past 17 years through a continuous learning process that promotes innovation and the integration of new ideas, lessons learned in the field, and insights from the literature.