The Georgia Health Policy Center’s (GHPC’s) technical assistance is grounded in the belief that the way you think about the issue you are working to address influences the actions you take and, ultimately, the results you get. Our focus is on strategy, capacity, and sustainability:

  • Building capacity to address both technical skills and adaptive challenges
  • Developing a strategic approach to program implementation
  • Focusing on long-term sustainability

Sustainability Framework©

chsd_graphicBased on decades of experience working with communities and insights derived from the literature, GHPC developed the Sustainability Framework, which has been used with community-based collaboratives and networks to enhance the long-term viability of their initiatives.

The Sustainability Framework offers a set of components that, when paired with related technical assistance activities, provide support to communities in accomplishing their goals around strategy, capacity, and sustainability. The framework guides technical assistance around the areas of:

Strategic Vision
Organization has a clearly defined vision for what it hopes to achieve
Stakeholders are included in program planning and implementation
Inspires others to create and achieve a shared vision
Relevance and Practicality
Approach based on clear assessment and understanding of the stated need
Evaluation and Return on Investment
Evaluation generates data necessary to monitor and manage program implementation and measure program impact
Organization defines perceptions, translates successes, and creates awareness through effective communication
Organizational Capacity
Program adequately staffed by personnel with necessary skills and knowledge
Resource Diversification
Organizations with their highest potential for sustainability having funding strategies that include:

  • Indirect Funding
  • Earned Income
  • Events
  • Contributions/Sponsorships
  • Grants
  • Government Budgets

Download the Sustainability Framework©