Since 2006, John A. Shoemaker, M.P.H., has continued to provide technical assistance as an independent consultant and has served 46 recipients of ORHP grants across the country.  John brings 20+ years of professional experience to his work with rural health centers, critical access hospitals, and other community health agencies in implementing new healthcare outreach programs and establishing rural health networks.  His background includes management of local health promotion programs for a federally-qualified health center, health screening training program development for a national voluntary health agency, and research and teaching in university settings.  John uses his technical knowledge and experience in health program design and management to help grantees overcome program implementation problems, and his research skills to develop process and outcome measures to support formative and summative program evaluation.  He also has expertise in nonprofit fundraising, particularly grant proposal development which he teaches at the college-level.  Although he works with grantees in a variety of program areas, John has a focus on outreach programs in oral health.

Contact Details

Phone: (888) 331-0529