Formally established in 2008 through a Rural Health Network Development grant awarded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, the Rural Health Network of Oklahoma’s (RHNOK) mission is to improve behavioral and population health through a focus on the integration of behavioral health services into the primary care setting. In October of 2014, Rural Health Network of Oklahoma, Inc. was awarded its own 501©3 status by the Internal Revenue Service. The RHNOK has grown and continues to add new members and partnerships to its network membership tiers: community, clinical, private practice, counseling/home health, and vendor membership tiers.

The goal of their RHND grant funded project is to strengthen the rural health care systems by integrating behavioral health care, via telehealth, into the primary care setting and enhancing care coordination through the availability of a community health worker to assist members and their patients in accessing needed services.

Check out the video to learn more about the program from Stacie Pace, the RHNOK Director and Josh Braziel, Rural Health Network Development Project Director.

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