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Although the many implications of the new health reform law are far from certain, a review of the law conducted by the researchers of the Georgia Health Policy Center in May 2010 highlighted additional availability of healthcare workforce dollars in the coming years.  According to the report, these dollars include “demonstration grants for a range of health care professionals including:  long-term care workers, dentistry including alternative dental providers, mental health workers, and family nurse practitioners.”

In addition to these new dollars available to improve the quantity and quality of the healthcare workforce, the Policy Brief notes that the law directs attention and resources for care coordination and collaboration of providers across systems of care.  These resources are dedicated to “to improve coordination, quality, and efficiency of the health care services through new programs, payment reform, and funding to support collaboration among teams of health professionals including: doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others.”

(Click here for an e-copy of the the Center’s May 2010 Policy Brief.)

As you ponder the potential impact of health reform on your communities and programs, including the opportunities for your community health workers programs, it is important to stay abreast of the new law’s funding implications, systemic implications, and changes that may develop as its implementation timeline unfolds.

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