To connect with your peers and join an upcoming peer group call, check out the upcoming events below. Be sure to contact the peer group facilitator for more information if you are interested in joining any of the upcoming peer group calls.

Peer Calls by Month

Event DateTimeTitleDescriptionFacilitatorFacilitator's Email

02/22/20241pm-2pm ESTInformation DisseminationThe "why?" and "how?" of writing peer-reviewed journal articles – Part 1 of 4Tony
02/22/20243pm-4pm ESTNew Project DirectorsProject Directors' Orientation 101: The Basics of Managing Your Grant and Your PartnershipTiffany

03/05/20243pm-4pm ESTCare Coordination2024 Physician Fee ScheduleAnn
03/20/20241pm-2pm ESTFood As MedicineRecruitment and Retention StrategiesColeman
03/28/20241pm-2pm ESTInformation DisseminationThe "why?" and "how?" of writing peer-reviewed journal articles – Part 2 of 4Tony

04/03/20242pm-3pm ESTBehavioral Health IntegrationStrategies for Addressing Co-Occurring SUD/BH disordersRachel
04/11/20243pm-4pm ESTCare CoordinationTransitional Care ModelAnn
04/17/202412pm-1pm ESTTelehealthMaking the ROI Case when Reimbursement is LowDeana
04/23/20243pm-4pm ESTChronic DiseaseCommunicating with patientsTony
04/25/20241pm-2pm ESTInformation DisseminationThe "why?" and "how?" of writing peer-reviewed journal articles – Part 3 of 4Tony
04/25/20241pm-2pm ESTCommunity Health WorkersCreating a Professional Pathways for CHWsTiffany

05/22/20241pm-2pm ESTCare CoordinationChronic Care Management (CCM) and Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH)Ann
05/22/20241pm-2pm ESTFood As MedicineNutrition EducationColeman
05/23/20241pm-2pm ESTInformation DisseminationThe "why?" and "how?" of writing peer-reviewed journal articles – Part 4 of 4Tony
05/23/20243pm-4pm ESTNew Project DirectorsEmotional Intelligence for Building High-Performing PartnershipsTiffany

07/16/20242pm-3pm ESTChronic DiseaseSustaining your ProjectTony
07/17/202412pm-1pm ESTTelehealthSuccess Stories of Patient EngagementDeana
07/17/20241pm-2pm ESTFood As MedicineData Collection and UtilizationColeman
07/25/20243pm-4pm ESTCommunity Health WorkersEffective Strategies for Securing Reimbursement for CHW ServicesTiffany

08/29/20243pm-4pm ESTNew Project DirectorsBest Practices for Program Implementation: Veteran HRSA Project Director PanelTiffany

09/17/20242pm-3pm ESTChronic DiseaseBest Practices in Chronic Disease managementTony
09/18/202412pm-1pm ESTTelehealthScanning the Telehealth Landscape--Where are we now?Deana
09/18/20241pm-2pm ESTFood As MedicineWorking with Community PartnersColeman
09/24/20243pm-4pm ESTNew Project DirectorsProactive Strategies for Sustainability: Planning for Success from Day OneTiffany
09/26/20243pm-4pm ESTCommunity Health WorkersCHW Self-Care: Ways to Avoid BurnoutTiffany

11/20/20241pm-2pm ESTFood As MedicineSustainability and Business PlanningColeman

If you are interested in receiving information about a specific peer group and have not yet signed up, please reach out to the facilitator of the group. A list of peer groups with descriptions and facilitator contact information can be found here.