The purpose of the Evidence-Based Telehealth Network Grant Program is (1) to demonstrate how health care systems can increase access to health care services utilizing Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Telehealth technologies and (2) to conduct evaluations of those efforts to establish an evidence base for assessing the effectiveness of Direct-To-Patient Telehealth care for patients, providers, and payers.

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05/25/2022    Optimizing the UX (While Keeping Privacy and Security Front and Center) – Slides  |  Recording

03/01/2022    Building a Successful Direct-to-Consumer Telehealth Program: Experiences and Lessons Learned from the Field –  Slides  |  Recording

12/15/2021    What’s New in Telehealth Policy & Reimbursement: Updates for EB TNP Grantees –  Slides  |  Recording

12/02/2021    Connecting Resources and Supports to Advance Telehealth Initiatives Webinar – Slides  |  Recording

09/20/2021    Evidence-Based Telehealth Network Program: Kick-off Webinar –   Slides  |  Recording

Program Meetings

May 17 – 18,  2022     OAT Grantee Meeting Post-Conference Guide

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