The purpose of this program is
to assist in the planning and development of an integrated rural HIV health
network for HIV care and treatment that will collaboratively plan to address
key strategies identified in ‘Ending the HIV Epidemic: A Plan for America.

The Rural HIV/AIDS Planning
program targets seven states (Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi,
Missouri, Oklahoma and South Carolina) with a disproportionate number of HIV diagnoses in rural areas.

Rural HIV/AIDS Planning Grantee Conference


Tue, July 13, 2021
Planning for Sustainability
Planning for Sustainability Slides | HIV/AIDS Bureau in Rural America Slides | Video

HRSA HAB Resources:
HIV Planning Sustainability Webinar | HRSA-17-039-instructions122716 | HRSA-18-092 Final | HRSA-21-058 Part C Capacity Development | HRSA-22-011 014 015 Part C EIS

Tue, June 8, 2021
Rural HIV/AIDS Planning PIMS Instructional Webinar

Final Programmatic Report Template – FY20 Rural HIV AIDS Planning Program

INSTRUCTIONS – FY2020 Rural HIV AIDS Planning Performance Improvement Measurement System (PIMS) – FORHP Final

PIMS Grantee Tutorial

Tue, April 13, 2021
Panel of Possibilities: Building sustainable rural model for integrated HIV care
Slides | Video

Tue, March 9, 2021
Web Blast: Make a Statement
Slides | Video | HIV-AIDS Network Statement Tip Sheet

Tues, January 12, 2021
Sustainable Network Model: Adaptive Networks Webinar | Recording (Coming Soon)
Sustainable Network Model Takeaway Slides (PPT)
Sustainable Network Model Summary (PDF)

Wed, December 9, 2020
Rural HIV Planning Webinar 
Moving from a Collaborative Partnership to a Rural Health Network: A ROAD MAP | PDF
Understanding Rural Health Networks | PDF

Wed, October 14, 2020
Kickoff Webinar – Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) Rural HIV/AIDS Planning Grant
AIDS Education and Training Centers Program | PDF
Introduction to Technical Assistance Resources | PDF

Templates and Deliverables