Created especially for FORHP grantees and their partners, the Community Health Systems Development (CHSD) team at the Georgia Health Policy Center is pleased to announce the launch of its online learning site. This site was developed in response to grantee’s expressed desire for “just-in-time” delivery of technical assistance resources. With the addition of this e-learning site, you may access topics of interest when the need is greatest and the timing most convenient.

Each course is self-paced, which means that you can take as much time or as little time as you need to work your way through it. Listed below are the e-courses that are available.

Course Listings

Are you doing all that you can to position your initiative for long-term sustainability? Resulting from our work with hundreds of community-based health organizations across the United States, Georgia Health Policy Center has developed a Sustainability Framework that addresses sustainability planning from a perspective that long-term sustainability can only be achieved when an organization or program positions itself for success and diversifies its funding streams. Take a look to discover the eight positioning components as well as the diversified funding strategies that comprise the Sustainability Framework.
Approaching your programs with a strategic mindset will lead to greater impact and the improved potential for long-term sustainability. This module offers tools to assist you and your partners in developing and applying a strategic mindset to your work, including a list of strategic questions that you can apply to your initiatives
Your Leadership Team will set the pace and tone for your program or organization. While Leadership Teams alone cannot ensure sustainability,an effective Leadership Team can drive many of the components that contribute to sustainability, providing credibility, and steering the direction and impact of the program in your community. This module will help you understand how to establish and use your Leadership Team to guide your work for greater success and sustainability.
Appropriately identifying the needs in your community or service area helps you derive the best programmatic solutions. This module provides insights into the components of a quality needs assessment and builds your capacity not only to conduct a needs assessment but also to leverage it for sustained community/organizational impact.
A Strategic Plan reflects an organization’s vision of its future and outlines the steps that it will take to achieve that vision. An organization with a sound Strategic Plan has a greater likelihood of achieving long-term sustainability. This module is designed to guide you through the steps for producing your own Strategic Plan.
Welcome to the Evaluation Learning Series! Evaluation is integral to ensuring program effectiveness, measuring your impact and communicating your results to your agency, partners, funders and potential supporters. This hub is a one-stop shop for designing, implementing and managing your evaluation. Four brief, self-directed e-learning modules are available to help you at different stages of your evaluation efforts-from initial design through implementation and utilization.