Capacity — Identifying and building the necessary skills and competencies for successful implementation

Our Services

Technical assistance can help with building skills and competencies for you, your organization, or your collaborative in the areas of:

  • Partnership development – Establishing strong foundations is an important precondition for effective partnering. Preliminary steps should take into account the complementary and diversity of the partners and how this will work for the benefit of the initiative at hand. A thorough, preferably jointly undertaken, analysis of what is needed and a collaborative planning process will help to ensure the collaboration has a strong and shared sense of purpose. Such an approach also needs to ensure added value to all parties. Partnering ventures that are not aligned in their ambitions and/or expectations are likely to be sustainable.
  • Communications planning – Learn how to build a strategic communications plan that delivers the right message, in the right place, at the right time, to the target audience.
  • Effective collaborations – We explore teamwork and collaboration: what they are exactly, how they differ, and how they compare to a few other similar terms. We discuss why workplace failures happen, why you should have strong communication, and why having a collaborative relationship is important for you and your business. Then, we figure out what you need to do before considering collaboration and teach you how to collaborate well and foster teamwork. Finally, we’ll get in-depth advice on fostering teamwork and collaboration from our experts.
  • Evaluating program impact – Learn how program evaluation makes it easier for everyone involved in community health and development work to evaluate their efforts.
  • Leadership development – The purpose of the Leadership Skills seminar is to strengthen your current management skills with a powerful, more distinguished dimension. In other words, Leadership Skills has been designed to enhance and build on your current leadership abilities. It is understood by most leaders that effective management is a prerequisite to being viewed as a great leader. And, because of the dynamics of the American market within the last several years, the focus on leadership has intensified from an interest to a need.
  • Program implementation – Launching a new program successfully requires more than just training in skills or new content. If the environments in which people work are not transformed, people will default to old ways of operating. Buy-in and clear next steps are needed from leaders, front-line staff, and other stakeholders.  CEPC’s implementation workshop and practice support is offered as an add-on to any of our skills-based trainings to support putting new practice change skills into action.
  • Stakeholder engagement – This toolkit is designed to support high-quality, solution-oriented dialogue, deliberation, planning, and action by diverse actors so they can play a more robust and constructive role in meeting shared challenges. It includes a number of discrete elements, presented for easy use on short time lines. The materials provided can help you develop and implement the most promising strategies and methods for engaging the critical stakeholders who can make or break your efforts to improve and even transform a program.