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Project Abstract

Title: Health Coaching/Motivational Interviewing in Acute & Primary Care Settings

Goal: Our goal is to build a sustainable health coaching model, to include training, embedded in clinic and hospital processes whereby patients receive health coaching from staff and providers who are proficient in motivational interviewing (MI).

Target Patient Population:
Patients who have two or more comorbid chronic diseases, prioritizing those with depression (PHQ9 greater than 9 for clinic and greater than 10 for the hospital) and/or anxiety (GAD score greater than 15 for clinic and greater than 10 for hospital).

Network/Consortium Partnerships:
The collaboration is comprised of three health care providers: Pullman Regional Hospital, a 25bed critical access hospital, Pullman Family Medicine (7 physicians), and Palouse Pediatrics (6 physicians), members of the Pullman Regional Hospital Clinic Network.

Quality Improvement Model(s):
Health Coaching, specifically, Motivational Interviewing (MI), is an evidence-based intervention that addresses ambivalence to change.

Project Activities/Services:
Develop two trained and certified health coach RNs that will lead a “train-the-trainer” model for Pullman Regional Hospital, Pullman Family Medicine and Palouse Pediatrics staff and providers. Embed motivational interviewing (MI) proficiency among 200 vital primary care partners. Track patients receiving the intervention and measure progress toward disease-specific self-management goals.

Expected Outcomes Short-term:
Skilled health coaches in various settings; Sustained Intervention; Improved diseasespecific health activation; Decreased ED/Urgent Care utilization Long-term: Proven adapted model; Improved health status; Enhanced health and quality of life; Decreased mortality

Business Address
840 SE Bishop Blvd, Suite 200
Pullman, WA